A dummy smartphone displaying a lock screen with a gradient background transitioning from pink at the bottom to blue at the top.


Walk and Talk Repair offers mobile phone unlocking services for a vast range of mobile manufacturers.

We will solve your phone locking issues and provide you with the phone unlock codes, ensuring that the service you receive runs as smoothly as possible.

About IMEI Unlocks

IMEI (Wireless) unlocks, are processed over your existing mobile phone carrier. It is the ‘official’ procedure to unlock a phone.

Although IMEI unlocks are more costly, they are permanent, pose no risk to your data, and do not affect your phone’s warranty.

Mearns Mobile Repair is simply an agent in providing these type of unlocks. iRepair will submit the request to one of our partners, who manage the entire process.

During the processing time, you keep hold of your device, and the unlock is simply ‘sent’ to your phone, like a text message. This process can take anywhere from hours to weeks – and is outwith our control.


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